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2/19/2019 10:38 pm  #1

Does everyone have ESP extra sensory perception?

I believe ESP is actually part of the soul peeking out through the human animal.  I believe the soul joins the human animal and they work in partnership throughout our lives.   The soul has all aspects of heightened perception which is actually hindered being in the lower vibration human form.  Psychic perception worms its way through the dense energy.  Thus some people seem to be more psychic than others.   

The human animal has a brain.  The soul has the mind.   They link together for functionality here on earth.  I believe the human animal is completely functional without the soul joining it and there are probably many people living among us that do not have souls.   Good souls can be uplifting to the human animal and evil souls can cause quite a problem.   

Two good books that describes this in detail is "Journey of Souls" and Destiny of Souls" by Michael Newton


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